The Hawk by Olivia Garlitz

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My Mom was driving and saw an injured hawk along the side of the road. She wrapped the hawk in a towel and gently placed it in a box and then ta ped the box shut. She called Deep Creek Park Aviary and they recommended that she contact Cheat Lake Aviary Conservation Center of Appalachia in Morgantown, WV. My mother volunteered to transport the hawk. She picked me up from school so I could go with her and my father. While we were driving to Morgantown, my job was to keep the box from sliding and keep the hawk calm. When we got there my Mom had to fill out some paper work so I played with a kitty that was available for adoption. I got to tour the Aviary. There were a lot of birds there. My favorite birds there were the peregrine falcon, the red tailed hawk and the turkey buzzard, the screech owl and barred owls. We left the hawk there and it was determined that it suffered spinal trauma but had no broken bones. A few weeks later my Mom was informed that the hawk would soon be ready to be released. The staff from the Aviary offered to come to my school, RT 40 Elementary on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 10:00 am and release the hawk. Before we released it we had a presentation about the hawk. Mom and I released the hawk and it flew into one of the trees at the natural playground.

Injured hawk in box.    Olivia, Erica with hawk.   Hawk being released.