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SX Dog Park Groundbreaking
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SX Gifted and Talented
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Dog Park Groundbreaking
SX Gifted and Talented
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YG Elementary GT students
Gifted and Talented
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Northern Middle GT Students Work On Several Projects

Last Updated on Jan 15, 2016 at 11:17am | Gifted and Talented

Northern Middle GT students current projects include:

Gr 6- Book Reviews using iMovie, voiceover, blog. All will be uploaded to Destiny book review. 
Gr 7- Research & Video Contest for World of 7 Billion (topics include Deforestation, Water Scarcity, Public Health. Ss will submit by 2/25/16)
Gr 8- Pro Con Research (Gr 8 GT students also have Science Fair and NHD Project this year) 1 student will cont. Vex Robotics w/Mr. Schilpp
Other projects/activities this year- TED Ed Riddles, MakeyMakey, LEGO stop motion, FLL Team 17900, Challenge Box, Doodle4Google, Letters About Literature Writing Contest and a Coding club (websites, Scratch)
Kudos to Olivia Wilhelm (Gr7) and Jaclyn Jacobs (Gr6) for creating submissions for the LETTERS FOR LITERATURE writing contest!