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Friendsville Elementary School Holds October PEP Assembly

Last Updated on Nov 30, 2017 at 10:01am | Friendsville Elementary School

Friendsville Elementary School recently held its PEP Assembly for the month of October. Students were recognized for “Student of the Month” (Responsibility and Dependability), “On the Right Track”, and a “Math” award. Students earning the math award also received a free personal pizza from Good to Go Marathon.

Friendsville School students of the month for Ocotober 2017

Students of the Month Awards:

Front (L-R): Raylin Broadwater, Eleanor Burow, and Camilya Burley

Back (L-R): Laura Moats, Carter Frazee, Erica Mager, and Merek Hummel


Friendsville School On the Right Track recognitions from October 2017 

On the Right Track Awards:

Front (L-R): Nathan Thomas, Jase Otto, and Bentleigh Sharp

Back (L-R): Madison Ditmore, Kimberlee Guthrie, Alex Cosner, and Morgan Gittere


Friendsville's math awards for October 2017

Math Awards:

Front (L-R): Abigail Artice, Kasey Younkin, and Tyler Sisler

Back (L-R): Casey Lytle, Madeline Clevenger, Laila Shaffer, and Natalie Reed