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Minutes May 12, 1998






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Tuesday, May 12, 1998





Part I - Call to Order

Mr. Patrick W. Riley, president of the Garrett County Board of Education, called the meeting to order at approximately 2:25 p.m. and led the assembly in the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America. Members in attendance included Mr. Dale Carpenter, Mr. Rodney Durst, Mr. James Raley, Mrs. Charlotte Sebold, and Dr. Wendell Teets, Superintendent of Schools.

Part II - Annual Student Council Presentation

Mr. David Mayfield, Southern High School Student Council Advisor, came to the Board meeting with student representatives of both high schools= student councils. He explained that representatives from Northern Middle School could not be present because of testing at their school. Jill Speicher, Northern High School, read a letter thanking the Board for the invitation for students to bring their concerns before the Board. She noted there were concerns regarding the need for an auxiliary gym and current gym and cafeteria scheduling conflicts. Lisa Beeman inquired about the delayed opening process for schools, noting that weather conditions vary in different areas of the county. Mr. Art Refosco, Director of Transportation, responded that there was a board policy addressing this, noting that decisions regarding delayed openings and closing of school are based on input from county roads personnel, Sheriff=s department, Allegany County Board of Education, bus drivers, and others. Meredith Martin, representative from Southern High, noted that the Southern High renovation was begun in 1991 and asked when the process would be completed. Rachel Farmer expressed her appreciation for better school lunches and the inclusion of items such as hoagies and pepperoni rolls in the lunch line. Andi Bender explained there is a student concern regarding weighted classes and how they are chosen. Mrs. Sebold stated that perhaps a committee should review the process. Mrs. Maxine Miller, Director of Curriculum and Instruction 9-12, noted that input was solicited from teachers as to how classes meet designations for State guidelines for honors and merit levels. Emily Nemith, Southern High, voiced her concern that Southern Middle School does not have a student council this year, therefore they have no representation at County Councils and there is no follow-through to the high school council level. Mr. Mayfield said it was his understanding that Southern Middle School could not find an advisor. Stephanie Forman thanked the Board for the walkway from the lower parking lot/track. In response to an inquiry from Miss Forman, Dr. Teets explained that budget cuts would most likely be system wide rather than impacting specific programs. Justin DiSimone thanked the Board for funding to attend the Maryland Association of Student Council. He noted that twenty-six (26) representatives attended the conference this year. Mr. Mayfield thanked the Board for their support and recognized the contributions of Mrs. Julie Brenneman, Northern High School, and Mrs. Sharon Settle, advisor at Northern Middle School. Mr. Mayfield also commended Mr. Karlo Gesner for his participation this year as student Board member. Part III - Public Comment

No public comment was offered. The Board took a brief break.

Part IV - Reopening of Public Session

Public session resumed at 3:10 p.m. Mr. Don Knode, Assistant in Foods, presented a Proclamation from the Governor of the State of Maryland as a Salute to School Food and Nutrition Service Personnel Day, May 13, 1998. He gave each Board member a cup and noted that each cafeteria employee will receive a cup in recognition of AEmployee Appreciation Day.@ Mr. Knode noted that school cafeteria staffs would receive baskets of apples during AApple Appreciation Week.@

Part V - Executive Session

Upon a motion by Mr. Carpenter, seconded by Mr. Durst, the Board of Education unanimously agreed to move to executive session at 3:20 p.m. in accordance with Public School Law 4-106 and Section 10-508 of the State Government Title for the purpose of considering matters that relate to negotiations, discussing personnel matters that affect one or more individuals, consulting with staff, consultants, or other individuals about pending or potential litigation, and to conduct student Board member interviews. Mr. Albert Coviello, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, and Miss Henrietta Lease, Director of Personnel, were present during the greater portion of the executive session.

Part VI - Reopening of Public Session and Acceptance of Agenda

The public session was reopened at 5:40 p.m. Upon a motion by Mrs. Sebold, seconded by Mr. Durst, the agenda was unanimously accepted with the following additions: Under Board concerns, Sue Buswell=s retirement (Mr. Durst); Superintendent=s Evaluation (Mr. Riley); consideration of policy and procedure for student Board member selection, weighted classes policy review, and Rural Forum (Mrs. Sebold).

Part VII - Announcements

The following dates for upcoming events were noted:

May 15    FFA Banquet

May 17    Northern High Baccalaureate

May 18    Health Advisory Board

May 19    Program to Honor the late Roger Glotfelty, County Commissioner

May 20    Middle School Success Night

May 27    Forestry Board Tour

May 28    High School Success Night Teen Pregnancy Coalition Meeting

May 29   Forum for Rural Maryland

May 31    Graduation Day:   Northern High, 1:00 p.m.,  Southern High, 4:00 p.m.

June 4    8th Grade Graduation at Bloomington

June 5    8th Grade Graduation at Swan Meadow

Part VIII - Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion by Mr. Carpenter, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the Minutes of April 7, 1998 were unanimously accepted with the following amendment: In Part X, paragraph 1, second sentence, Include mention of  "changes made in the order of eligibility guidelines."

Part IX - Administrative Concerns

Mr. Mike Sines, Supervisor of Maintenance and Operations, presented the revised Education Facilities Master Plan. He noted changes such as updated Inventory and Evaluation of Existing Facilities, that all forms are updated, and that enrollment projections were current. Mr. Sines explained that the notebook must be submitted to the Interagency Committee by July 1, 1998; therefore, this would be brought back to the Board in June for action. Items discussed included air conditioning at Broad Ford Elementary, and procedure for facilities ratings.

Mr. Sines presented the Grantsville Elementary roof restoration project bid, explaining that Height Associates had the low bid in the amount of $148,900. He noted that Height Associates did an outstanding job at Northern Middle School last year. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mr. Raley, the bid award was unanimously approved.

Mr. Sines presented the Temperature Control Systems Maintenance Bid information, noting that two bids had been received with the lower bid submitted by Honeywell, Inc. in the amount of $33,884. He explained that this proposal was for preventive and corrective maintenance on all temperature control systems for all schools except Kitzmiller and Swan Meadow Schools. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mr. Carpenter, the bid was awarded to Honeywell, Inc. by a unanimous vote.

Mr. Sines stated there was one bid submitted for the supplies for roof repairs at Accident Elementary, Friendsville Elementary and Northern High Schools this summer from TREMCO, Inc. in the amount of $21,692.10. Upon a motion by Mr. Carpenter, seconded by Mr. Raley, this bid was unanimously accepted.

Mr. Sines noted that three bids were submitted for carpeting at Broad Ford Elementary and Southern Middle Schools. Based upon unit pricing, Mr. Sines recommended that the Board accept the bid proposal from Farris Carpet, Inc. He explained that funds available through the Aging Schools Program would be utilized, although some of those funds may be needed for the aging pumps at Northern Middle School. Therefore, he recommended that the amount to be expended for carpeting remain fluid, contingent upon those funds which may be available. Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mr. Durst, the Board unanimously awarded the bid to Farris Carpet, Inc.

Dr. Teets asked that any Board members who wish to participate in the Forestry Board tour please acknowledge the invitation by May 15, 1998. Mrs. Sebold and Mr. Carpenter expressed interest in attending.

At this time, the Board felt there was no need for discussion relative to retiree insurance.

Miss Lease distributed Administrative Procedure 533.10 Operational Calendar and a chart showing pay periods and pay release dates.

Part X - Instructional Concerns

Dr. Brenda McCartney, Director of Curriculum and Instruction PreK-8, introduced Mrs. Sheila Russell, a school enrichment program teacher based at Broad Ford Elementary School. They shared with the Board the School Enrichment Program Procedural Guidelines, K-5 and Combination Schools, dated April 1998. It was noted that the new document does not require any policy change, and that a Garrett County Public School Mission statement was included, as well as a School Enrichment Program Mission statement. Dr. McCartney pointed out the enrichment instruction components for the various grade levels, noting that during SEP pullout times, classroom work need not be done by the student unless it is essential for the next day's classroom work. She noted that summer workshops would be held to update the program for teachers of grades K-2, and 3-5. She noted that the Program of Studies, which utilizes Renzulli's Enrichment Triad Model, is designed to enhance programs already in place through a mixture of individual and cooperative work and teacher directed activities.

Part XI - Public Comment

Mrs. Wilda Massi expressed her appreciation to the Board for allowing her to attend a national conference in Nashville, Tennessee. She found the conference excellent in terms of resources and information. Mr. David Mayfield thanked Mr. Karlo Gesner for a very good job as student Board member representing the students of Garrett County. Mrs. Sebold, on behalf of the entire Board, presented Mr. Gesner with a card and gift as an expression of appreciation for his year of service on the Board. Mr. Gesner replied he was grateful for the opportunity to serve.

At this time the Board took a short recess.

Part XII - Personnel Matters

Dr. Teets reviewed the following personnel list as presented with an addendum:

Personal Leave Without Pay:   Pam Eyler, VSST Assistant, Southern High, 1 day-04/13/98

Retirement:     Frances Friend, Cafeteria Manager, Northern Middle, effective 07/1/98

Tenure:    Kurt Lear, Career Technology Resource Teacher, based at Southern Middle

                Robert Moranduzzo, Auto Mechanics Teacher, based at Northern High

Summer Maintenance Crew:    Amber Close, Vassar College

                                                Eliza Coviello, St. Joseph College

                                                Teresa Nelson, Allegany College

                                                Megan Sines, St. Mary's College

                                                Matthew Thomas, Western Maryland College

                                                Matthew Wolfe, Allegany College

Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, the Board unanimously accepted the personnel recommendations.

Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mrs. Sebold, The Board unanimously voted to designate Lisa Beeman, student from Northern High School, as student Board member for the 1998-99 school year and Stephanie Forman, student from Southern High School, as alternate.

Part XIII - International Cultural Exchanges Services, Inc. Presentation

Ms. Linda L. Daughtery, National Development Director for the International Cultural Exchange Services, Inc. was in attendance to recognize both Northern and Southern High Schools for their acceptance of several foreign exchange students during the 1997-98 school year. She thanked the staff of these schools and presented Mr. Martin Green, principal of Northern High School, and Dr. Teets, accepting for Mrs. Lynn Bell, principal of Southern High who was not present, with a certificate and a gift of appreciation. Ms. Daughtery then introduced the students and host families who were present. The students each made brief remarks and mentioned many positive feelings about their stay in Garrett County that they will take home with them. Mr. Riley stated that the exchange seemed to provide great experiences for all concerned, and wished the students success in the future.

Part XIV - Health Advisory Committee Recommendations

Mrs. Maxine Miller, Director of Curriculum and Instruction 9-12, and Dr. McCartney presented a brief summary of recommendations from the Health Advisory Committee. They are:

Ms. Debbie Holler of the Dove Center be approved as a guest speaker on the topic of sexual assault for seventh grade health, ninth grade health, and the high school family life elective.

Section one of the videotape entitled "Hello Baby" be approved for use in the ninth grade health course and the eleventh grade family life elective.

Section three of the videotape entitled "Hello Baby" be approved for use in the eleventh grade family life elective.

Health materials and the videotape "Choice" will be on display for public review and comment until the June Board meeting. The videotape "Hello Baby" will be available to the public at the Garrett County Health Department during that time, also. Various components on the program were discussed, including the parent survey and gender based instruction.

Advanced Placement Computer Program textbook recommendations were introduced by Mrs. Miller. She explained that the committee, consisting of Martin Green, Principal of Northern High, Lynn Bell, Principal of Southern High, Tom Bulka, computer teacher at Northern High, and Chris Czonka, computer teacher at Southern High School, rated three textbooks and recommended Fundamentals of C++ Understanding Programming and Problem Solving by Lambert, Kenneth A. and Douglas W. Nance. This text, as well as the other two rated texts, was on the AP recommended list. In response to an inquiry by Mrs. Sebold, Mr. Czonka stated that Computer Applications is a prerequisite at Southern High School and Computer Applications II is a prerequisite at Northern High School to the AP course. These recommendations will be brought back to the Board for action at the June meeting.

Mrs. Jo Ann Vent, Supervisor of Career & Technology Education, presented information relative to CTE minimum enrollment recommendations. She explained that, in an effort to become more accountable with fiscal resources, she recommends, based on the recommendation of the CTE Advisory Committee, that a CTE program would not be offered if the enrollment falls below five (5) students. Much discussion followed regarding who is affected by such implementation, scheduling and staffing needs, review of current course offerings, and if this change would unequally affect Northern High School which has a lower student population. Upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mr. Carpenter, the Board unanimously agreed to implement this plan.

Part XV - Board Concerns

Mr. Durst noted that on Friday, May 15, 1998, a reception would be held to honor Sue Buswell of MABE. Mr. Durst was selected to obtain a small gift and send a note of appreciation for a job well done to Ms. Buswell.

Mrs. Sebold requested approval to attend the Rural Forum conference on May 29, 1998, in Hagerstown, Maryland. Upon a motion by Mr. Durst, seconded by Mr. Raley, the Board voted 3-0 to approve Mrs. Sebold's request.

Mr. Riley noted that there is no information in the Policy Book regarding the selection of a student Board member. Dr. Teets will gather information from which a policy and/or procedure can be developed.

Mrs. Sebold relayed concerns about weighted classes and asked if perhaps a committee should be formed to review the current policy regarding what classes are designated as Merit or Honors. Mrs. Miller noted that courses were designated as Merit or Honors prior to printing the Course Selection book and after conferencing with high school principals. Mr. Coviello added that Honors and Merit classes are defined by COMAR regulations.

Dr. Teets thanked his staff for all their hard work on the FY 1999 budget. The County Commissioners approved $12,850,000 of the requested $14,091,945 local operating budget and $114,640 of the requested $694,640 capital budget, which leaves a shortfall of approximately $1.2 million. Mr. Coviello distributed information showing that so far, $275,311 have been cut. He stated that staff is continuing to search additional areas in which to decrease requests and that the carryover amount could increase as the end of the fiscal year nears. It was agreed that use of carryover as a funding source should be phased out over a period of time. Mr. Riley noted that the staff and Board gave a good presentation at the Commissioners' meeting and that we received six percent (6%) over last year.

Part XVI - Return to Executive Session

At 9:25 p.m., upon a motion by Mr. Raley, seconded by Mr. Durst, with all members concurring, the Board moved to executive session to discuss the superintendent's evaluation.

Part XVII - Adjournment

By consensus, the Board adjourned at 9:57 p.m.


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Patrick W. Riley Wendell D. Teets
President Secretary/Treasurer
Approved:      June 9, 1998